Terokkar Forest -Shattrath Orphans

Dwarf orphan baby in Shattrath

If you remember the story of Shattrath, it is a haven for those refugees of the demonic war there. If you go into the orphanage, you will find these little tykes with big blinking eyes. Sorry, didn’t take any avi’s but I encourage you to go take a look!  I’m guessing this first one is supposed to be a dwarf because of the big bushy eyebrows, perhaps a Wildhammer?


Gnome orphaned child

I may be wrong but the little curl on the top of her head makes me think this is a little Gnome child.


Human orphaned baby

With the state of things in our own world this holiday season, let us remember our world’s human babies that have also been orphaned or who are sick. For those in the US, may I suggest giving to the Red Cross child immunization fund? At a dollar per vaccination, you can make the difference to those who are at risk. Outside of the US, there is UNICIF, the UN Children’s Fund. We’ve seen destruction in Azeroth, what about destruction on our own planet?


 Night Elf orphaned child

I’m assuming the white glowing eyes and purple skin belong to a Night Elf. I had initially thought Dranei.


Orc orphaned child

I love the little fangs! This little guy or girl is quite adorable!


Tauren orphaned child

Ok, I apologize but he or she makes me want to pet him! So cute! Even the little cribs show what race they are, give a look!


Troll orphaned child

You can barely see the fangs and the ears are even pierced! Love the detail!


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