Dalaran – The Wonderworks Toy Train

Since we are now into the holiday buying season, lets look at the shops of WoW, this toy train sits above the entrance to The Wonderworks in Dalaran.

It’s proprietor is Jepetto Joybuzz who with his Clockwork Assistant, offers a varied selection of toys and stuffed animals for the citizens of Dalaran.


As you walk into the store, you will see this train on the floor. The store sells the Wind-Up Train Wrecker which we’ve all used or wanted to use at one time!


I think my favorite are these stuffed bears!


What a cool space ship, it reminds me of the X-52 Nether-Rocket at Area 52 in Netherstorm.


And you can barely see it in this shot but there is a small plane that flies above your head when you enter the door, look at it’s little contrails.


And who can’t help but laugh at these Exploding Sheep, they actually move!

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